Overcome Resistance and Create Trust and Commitment In The Workplace 

Download an excerpt from the book Stepping Forward Together!

Although there are many definitions for a team...

Mac's is very simple – "a team steps forward together."


This long awaited book provides a step-by-step explanation of his Ladder of Commitment® model which shows how to get people to work together as a team to achieve common goals.

  • It provides a systematic process for creating teams out of individuals.
  • It shows how to build mutual trust and respect between managers and employees and create supportive relationships at every level of an organization.
  • It explains how to build high performance companies staffed with committed and enthusiastic workers all going in the same direction at the same time doing the right things right for the right reasons.

The principles learned can be applied to any group where two or more people need to work together to achieve the same goals.

Ladder of Commitment® Cards

What you'll learn in the book

  • Build on Strengths

    Overcome Weakness

    How to get people to be "go inside themselves" so they can learn how to build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

  • Implement Managerless Management

    How to implement "conscious management" and "manager-less management" techniques where employees are as conscientious about their performance as you are.

  • Overcome Resistance

    How to overcome resistance and get people to respond well to changes at work.

  • Create Enthusiasm

    How to communicate the seven things that matter most in creating employee enthusiasm and commitment.

  • Create Solid Results

    How to create business partners out of employees and get them to focus on achieving solid business results.

  • Develop Trust, Respect, and Confidence

    How to develop relationships of trust, respect and confidence at work.

  • Ensure Cooperation at Every Level

    How to ensure support and cooperation at every level of an organization.

  • Get Employees To Believe In Each Other

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  • Get Employees

    To GET IT!

    How to know when an employee doesn't "get it" and what to do about it.

Over the last 3 months or so my team and I have been studying Stepping Forward together. Every week, before our staff meeting everyone reads a chapter at a time and reports out as to what they have gotten from it. This is probably the most important management book I have read in almost a 30 year career running Hotels. The learning and growth both professional and personal for myself and my team has been nothing short of astounding. Our property is one of the highest producing in our company both financially and in Guest service over the last year and we definitely owe it in a large part to the teachings of Mac McIntire! I will be sharing our results with our corporate office in Minneapolis. Thanks again Mac!


Stan Martin

General Manager at Residence Inn Fulton / Maple Lawn MD

Mac's program significantly changed the way our organization communicated and managed. His book "Stepping Forward Together" opened my eyes to the best ways of relating to subordinates, peers and superiors. Outstanding book (and program) that I would recommend highly!













Craig Ghelfi

President at CIG International, Inc Consultant for Shark Trap Shufflers

Years later I still remember and apply principles taught by Mac. The Ladder of Commitment is applied every time I begin a new position with a new team as it helps set expectations and defines the aspiration of how we could operate. I also remember Mac as taking a stand and delivering tough messages with confidence. They were always the starting point for real conversations which are the only truly beneficial kinds of conversations. His messages resonate and stay with you for a very long time because they are relevant and can be applied as readily to life as to business. I often think about how Mac would handle a situation and apply his techniques. He makes a difference at the deepest level of an organization's consciousness.

Janet Cataldo

Vice President, Talent and Organization Development at Allina Health